Will Smith Plastic Surgery Photos? Before and After

Will Smith Plastic Surgery Photos? Before and After

This heroic man from Men in Black hasn’t left the public’s attention. He is now known to be one of the most influential celebrities in America and his children have also recently joined the acting career.

Although he is 48 years old, this is hard to prove based on his before and after plastic surgery photos. While others believe Smith did age in the last twenty or so years, some people are convinced that he has lost age and looks rather young.

People who believe Will Smith went under the knife attribute their reasoning to the absence of wrinkles and age lines on any part of his face. This could have been accomplished by taking Botox injections which are known to make people’s skin look alive.

Will’s chin job seems to make him look rather masculine as well. A lot of actors and actresses in Hollywood opt for plastic surgery but are you surprised by Will Smith’s before and after photos?

Has Will Smith Had Plastic Surgery?

ARE THE PHOTOS REAL? Has Will Smith truly gone under the knife? TELL US in the comments!

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