Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Photos Before After

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Photos Before After

Have you seen The Mummy? How about Enemy at the Gates, Constantine, or Denial? If you have, you probably know who Rachel Weisz is. Also, if you’re wondering how to pronounce her last name – it’s Vice. She has a German background.

You may also be wondering if she’s gone under the knife a few times due to the stark differences in the before and after photos above. Her nose looks to been swapped out for a thinner version sometime during her career.

She’s denied all plastic surgery allegations but hey, most people will deny it if no one can prove otherwise.

Rachel is still starring in plenty of movies, with at least six confirmed to be released during 2017 and 2018. This is perfect as it gives us all more opportunities to see if she’s had more plastic surgery or not!

Has Rachel Weisz Had Plastic Surgery?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Has Rachel Weisz received plastic surgery? SHOULD they receive plastic surgery? VOICE YOUR OPINION in the comments!

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