Amy Yancey Before Plastic Surgery – Flipping Vegas – Photos

Amy Yancey from Flipping Vegas has become worldwide famous due to some recent plastic surgery allegations. Many people are searching for photos of Amy before plastic surgery to see what she originally looked like.

As you know, some celebrities going under the knife change so dramatically that you just really want to know what they looked like before the surgeon went to work. That’s why we’re here!

Check out the before and after photos above of Amy Yancey’s plastic surgery and tell us you aren’t blown away.

Amy became famous due to her multiple season appearances on the show Flipping Vegas – where she and her spouse repaired run-down houses and flipped them for a profit in Las Vegas. It is continuously viewed by millions of people across the states with many of them asking the question – Has Amy Yancey received plastic surgery?

Unfortunately, the show was not a major success and ended up being canceled on September 27, 2014. Its IMBD rating sits at a low 4.6/10 and 3.5/10 at

What Do You Think Of Amy Yancey Before Plastic Surgery?

Do you think it was the right move for her to receive plastic surgery? There are signs that she has received both a facelift AND a boob job as well.

Amy Yancey Plastic Surgery Face Lift

We think it was an absolutely great move for her! The changes she’s made on her face with the surgery have made her look absolutely incredible. Not only that, the breast augmentation she’s received as well, really make them POP!

What do you think? Does Amy look better or worse after plastic surgery?

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK in the comments below!

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