Kaitlin Olson Photos Before After Plastic Surgery

Kaitlin Olson Photos Before After Plastic Surgery

The 41-year-old American actress was chosen to voice Destiny in Finding Dory and hails from Oregon. Kaitlin has starred in quite a few movies and is more famous for Coyote Ugly and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We understand her fans’ skepticism when they say that the actress went under the knife to keep her good looks. Judging by her before and after photos, we can identify some key differences that support such skepticism.

By looking at her pictures, you can tell that a face lift helped make small adjustments to Kaitlin’s face. However, it seems like she didn’t just stop at a face lift and decided to fix some of her other features as well.

Botox shots helped even Kaitlin’s facial structure and killed any signs of the star aging or growing old. Although a lot of plastic surgeries go wrong when people go overboard, Kaitlin’s surgeon was obviously a reputable one who knew what he was doing.

Has Kaitlin Olson Had Plastic Surgery?

ARE THE PHOTOS REAL? Has Kaitlin Olson truly gone under the knife? TELL US in the comments!

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