Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Photos Before and After

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Photos Before and After

The New Zealand star from Xena Warrior Princess has consistently proved that she is more than just capable under the spotlight. Landing a role in Ash vs Evil Dead also raised fans’ suspicions about her undergoing plastic surgery.

The difference between Lucy’s before and after photos can’t be pinned to her facial expression. Her eye lids look clearly different, pointing towards a possible eye lift to ease out the wrinkles around her eyes.

While it is true that the camera angle and makeup can do wonders for the face of the celebrity, the changes made by plastic surgery are more permanent, and Lucy’s nose looks almost completely different than before.

The bottom of the nose and the area under the nostrils looks particularly different and reshaped to be more symmetrical and complement the rest of the face. The actress is undeniably beautiful but sure isn’t fooling anyone with that nose job.

Has Lucy Lawless Had Plastic Surgery?

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