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7 Lips Jobs Gone Wrong


Lip injections, lip surgeries, lip jobs, lip fillers, lip lifts…WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM…most of the time they end up horribly. That’s why we’ve created this list of 7 Lip Jobs Gone Wrong (and it wasn’t hard to find celebrities to populate the list either).

Sure, we get the dream, pouty lips that most women desire to have, but why take the risk and ruin your perfectly acceptable lips as they are?!?!

Hopefully, after you’ve browsed through the before and after pictures below, you’ll spread the word that LIP INJECTIONS AREN’T WORTH THE RISK.

Better yet, SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, so they can see just how bad lip jobs can turn some of the most beautiful celebrities, into something out of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

7 – Heidi Montag

The young, innocent Heidi, darkened by rising to fame after appearing on the prominent MTV reality television series, The Hills. She’s gone on in her career to cover a range of roles including singer, fashion designer, author, and model.

Of course! With all those roles to cover, and SO MANY EYES around the world continuously looking to Heide to remain the ageless beauty she once was, the American star has opted to go under the knife multiple times for plastic surgery.

HOWEVER – one which we believe she truly regrets – are the lip injections. DAMN…what a disasters. Worth of number 7 on the worst lip surgeries ever. Do you agree?

Heidi Montag Lip Surgery Fail Before After

6 – Cher

Arguably one of the most famous 20th-century female singers ever. Cher flew into the spotlight back in 1965 with her husband Sonny after releasing the song – I Got You Babe.

Following her first song, she’s gone to win some of the most prestigious music awards in the world such as a Grammy, Emmy, Academy, three Golden Globes, and many, many more.

We checked out her Wikipedia page and these were all listed as her occupations throughout her life – Singer, actress, author, businesswoman, comedian, dancer, fashion designer, model, philanthropist, record producer, songwriter, television host.

HOLY. Now that’s one hell of a resume. BUT – there’s one missing! Lip Injections Gone Wrong Victim!

Why, oh, why did she have to ruin her beautifully simple lips by filling them up with fake plastic!?

Cher Lip Injections Gone Wrong Pics Before After

5 – Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been in the spotlight for ALL THE WRONG REASONS in the past decade or so, but she wasn’t always a mischevious little deviant.

Most of us will remember her prime years when she starred in worldwide hits such as Mean Girls (2004), The Parent Trap (1998), and Freaky Friday (2003). But what happened after them?

The downfall came. The pressures of the intense spotlight, consistent scrutiny, and millions of eyes constantly looking to her as a role model were simply too much. She turned to substances and plastic surgery procedures to try and improve her mindset.

And one of those plastic surgery procedures she went under the knife for, were lip injections. They ended up so bad, she’s managed to find herself a comfy spot on our lip injections gone wrong list.

Lindsay Lohan Lip Surgery Gone Wrong Photos

4 – Donatella Versace

Donatella has not only found herself on our list of worst celebrity lip surgeries ever but also on our (WARNING: DANGER AHEAD) 6 WORST PLASTIC SURGERY FAILS. Feel free to check out that post, if you’re eyes, are up for it.

If you weren’t able to guess by her last name, Donatella Versace is the founder of one of the most high-end fashion labels in the world – Versace. The brand produces a range of clothing for both men and women including ready-to-wear dresses and suits, a range of leather accessories, and much more.

Of course, being the face of such a prestigious label, Donatella was practically forced to try and keep her perfect look throughout her aging years. And as we know, one of the only ways available to do this at the moment is through plastic surgery.

In this case, the use of lip fillers or lip injections was one of the procedures she opted to go under the knife for. And one of the reasons she’s ended up in the number 4 position on our list of lip surgery fails.

Donatella Versace Lip Job Gone Wrong Photos

3 – Lara Flynn

Oh. God. Why. We’ll keep this one brief as we’ll never be able to describe the horrific consequences of the lip injections Lara Flyn has received compared to the photos.

Do you believe she’s worthy of the 3rd position? Should she be Number 1 instead? LET US KNOW!

Lara Flyn – one hell of a plastic surgery procedure to end up with some lip injections gone bad.

Lara Flynn Lip Injections Gone Bad Photos Before After

2 – Lisa Rinna

Again, we ask ourselves the question – why Lisa? Why did you have to go under the knife, and ruin your perfectly beautiful lips with plastic surgery?

Maybe you know the answer? If you do, please let us know. We’re nearly crying over here when we see the damage she’s done to her face

If you do want to try and ask her the question but don’t know who Lisa is – here’s a brief overview: She’s most widely recognized for her roles in Days of Our Lives (1992-2013) but has more recently been involved in shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010-Present) and Dancing with the Stars (2005-Present).

Lisa Rinna Bad Lip Surgery Before and After

1 – Nikki Cox

DAMN NIKKI COX! Why did you have to end up as the number one position on our 7 lip surgeries gone wrong?! You were such a beautiful, natural actress before going under the knife!!

If you don’t know who she has…have you been living under a rock in the Saharan desert?! Nikki is most famous for her roles in the TV shows – Las Vegas (2003-2008) and Unhappily Ever After (1995-1999). But she’s always starred in hit Hollywood films such as The Jake Effect (2006), Terminator 2 (1991) and Nutty Professor II (2000).

Just take a look at the before and after photos below. If you can honestly say the lip injections she’s received wasn’t possibly one of the worst decisions of our life….we still don’t believe you!

Hopefully she’ll keep the lip injections as the only surgical procedure she’ll do in her life. We can only dream!

Nikki Cox Lip Filler Gone Wrong Before After Photos


Is the list in the right order? HAVE WE MISSED ANYONE OUT?

LET US KNOW in the comments below!

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