Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The Puerto Rican actor previously starred in Meet the Fockers and Girlfight before reports suggested that Ray decided to become another celeb under the knife. He also recently landed a role in the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show.

Admittedly, Ray wasn’t on the big screen long enough but we have managed to spot the drastic differences in his appearance. His before and after photos suggest that a Botox filler was injected into his cheeks and around the eyes.

While Ray’s smile does exaggerate the difference, the swelling in his cheeks is a crystal clear indication of the surgery! These are definitely not dimples so girls should think twice before calling the 32 year old cute.

A forehead lift can also be spotted with the help of the picture comparison. These are mere observations that by no means intend to criticize the actor or his appearance. How long did it take you to find the discrepancies?

Has Ray Santiago Had Plastic Surgery?

ENOUGH of what we think! We want to hear YOUR OPINIONS! Tell us whether you believe Ray Santiago has received plastic surgery or not in the comments below!

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