Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery Photos Before After

Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery Photos Before After

Patricia Heaton, an actress and producer, is famous for her role in the TV series Everybody Loves Raymond. She has worked on many projects but her career took a jump when she was very young and it has grown since then.

She is 59 years old but still looks very young, and some people think that she has a hidden beauty secret. Others believe she has gone under the knife.

Close examining shows that she had Botox shots. When people age, crow’s feet develops and fine lines and wrinkles form around the mouth which Patricia managed to skip, indicating the use of Botox. When Botox enters into the skin the filler goes into fine wrinkles and makes the skin appear smooth and flawless.

Moreover, you can notice that she also had a nose job. Her natural nose was a little broad but now her nose has been trimmed down significantly and straightened out enhancing her gorgeous features.

Has Patricia Heaton Had Plastic Surgery?

DO YOU BELIEVE THE PHOTOS? Has Patricia Heaton had plastic surgery or not? Tell us in the comments.

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