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Tiffany Trump’s Plastic Surgery? President’s Daughter taken the plunge?


The 1993 born star (can we even say she’s a star?) has recently hit the top news sites around the world with new photos stirring up more plastic surgery rumors.

As you know by the second half of her name, Tiffany Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump – the 45th President of the United States. Tiffany was born to his second wife, Marla Maples.

Today, Tiffany makes a living as an ‘American Internet Personality’ and model. American Internet Personality meaning anything discussing economic issues to posting the latest pepe memes.

Tiffany Trump is currently dating Ross Mechanic – who is not a mechanic.

On top of that, the model gig requires a good looking person standing in front of the camera (most of the time). And every now and again – that person takes it one step further and literally changes the way they look through the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon.

We’re here today to find out if Tiffany Trump can be included as one of those people. Specifically – whether or not she’s received plastic surgery. We’re talking nose job, lip injections, botox, or any of the other most popular cosmetic procedures in the states.

Tiffany Trump Physical Enhancements

Nose job for Tiffany?

Let’s kick it off with the question we know is at the center of your mind (and her face) – her nose. As much as we hate to say it, no one can deny her nose does look a little bit odd.

Which is likely the reason so many people are wondering if it’s been the result of botched plastic surgery, or she simply got the short stick in the nose department.

From the before and after photos – it appears Tiffany hasn’t had a nose job.

Yep – you read that right. Despite the way it looks, it hasn’t changed. And that’s the most important part to note.

Clear indications of plastic surgery are discovered from massive overnight changes in the structure of a person’s face. With Tiffany – her nose has maintained the exact same shape and size all throughout her life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. Of all cosmetic procedures undertaken in the world, 8.2% are nose jobs (source).

And with her father’s Presidency only wowing the world more and more each day, it’s no doubt Tiffany’s fame will begin to increase as well.

That means more people looking at her face, more people looking at her nose, and more people wondering whether or not she’s gone under the knife. That can put a lot of pressure on someone to actually do so.

Tiffany Trump Cosmetic Procedure

Any other procedures?

By other procedures, we mean the all time classics. Chin jobs, lip injections, botox, eyebrow lifts, cheek implants, the list is never ending. There is an end point, but never ending just makes it sound better, you know?

Back on track – Tiffany and cosmetic procedures. Yeah, from our perspective, and from the many before and after photos you’re seeing here today, the two just don’t match.

Tiffany is au natural. No evidence of her going under the knife in any photos.

Don’t believe us? Tell us. We want to hear what you’re thinking.


But seriously, show us the evidence of her plastic surgery? There simply isn’t any! And here at CelebsUnderTheKnife.com, we’re not one to side with the person in question easily.

If there were even the smallest sign of her going under the knife, we’d find it. Guaranteed. Well, maybe not 100% guaranteed…more like 70-85%. Yeah, that’s a good number.

Tiffany Trump Nose Job

Tiffany’s Body Transformation

One little segment we love to include in these in-depth analysis’ of your favorite stars, is the physical transformation they’ve gone through over their career – plastic surgery or not.

And Tiffany is no exception. So sit back, get a little bit nervous, and let’s take a look to see the difference between 2008 Tiffany, and 2017 Tiffany.


One last thing – check out her Instagram and Twitter accounts for her latest pics.


Cropped from the photo is the rest of her family, including her sisters and brothers.

Tiffany Trump 2008 Trump Tower California


Spotted in Manhattan catching up on some shopping with her Mom (cropped left).

Tiffany Trump 2009 with Marla Maples


One of the first photos which sparked a few procedure rumors. Many people believed a nose job was an appropriate call to make based on it.

Tiffany Trump 2010 Hollywood Event


With her sister – Ivanka Trump (arguably quite a bit more famous than our Tiffany). Speaking of Ivanka – she has had plastic surgery (nose job). Check out all the before and after photos here.

Tiffany Trump 2011 Fashion Festival Launch


Bringing it up to 2013. Tiffany is photographed here at one of the launches for her dad’s show – Celebrity Apprentice.

Tiffany Trump 2013 Celebrity Apprentice

Tiffany Trump 2013 Photoshoot Event


Having a bit of fun on Snapchat. A dangerous, dangerous tool as we’ve all come to realise.

Tiffany Trump 2015 Snapchat Account

Tiffany Trump 2015 VH1 Event


The year in which her father (successfully) ran for President. You can just imagine the boost her career is going to get from it.

Tiffany Trump 2016 Photoshoot

Tiffany Trump 2016 Republican National Convention


Wow. What a stark difference between being the daughter of a businessman and the daughter of the President of the United States. Tiffany has clearly been made aware of her position

Tiffany has clearly been made aware of her position now and is using it accordingly to in her fashion world.

Tiffany Trump 2017 New York Fashion Week

Tiffany Trump 2017 Trump Innaguration

Tiffany Trump 2017 New York Fashion Week 2

Has Tiffany Trump had plastic surgery?

Unlikely – the before and after photos just don’t seem to add up to it. But that’s just our opinion – what are you thinking? Tell us in the comments below.

Plastic Surgery Information

The table below contains information on everything from botox to boob job! Check out the status of all Tiffany Trump's plastic surgeries!

Tiffany Trump - Plastic Surgery Statistics
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Breast AugmentationN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A

One thought on “Tiffany Trump’s Plastic Surgery? President’s Daughter taken the plunge?

  • Saw her in a bikin top and her breasts are 2 round grapefruits on a skinny twig chest.
    Also her lips are different much much fuller and all her teeth are pushed forward with white caps.
    Breast implants, lip augmentation/injectables and full dental caps. That is what I see.
    Half sis Ivanka is beautiful.
    Tiffany tries but is not attractive – her face is huge. No plastic surgery can fix that.


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