Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Pics – Before and After

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Pics – Before and After

American rapper, Kimberly Denise Jones A.K.A  “Lil Kim” has had one of the worst plastic surgery fails to be ever spotted. If you haven’t seen Lil Kim since the late ‘90s, brace yourself for her perplexing transformation picture.

The 41-year-old decided to give her face a complete revamp and no one is sure why. It’s no secret that Lil Kim probably wishes she looked human again, having gone this far.

The rapper appears to have gotten a nose job, face lift, botox injections, and a chin job. It seems as though Lil Kim went a lil crazy redefining her look and someone should probably shake her back to reality.

It is recommended that you always monitor your plastic surgery procedures and not go overboard unless you intend to go for the space alien look. Or the Lil Kim plastic surgery. Same thing really.

Has Lil Kim Had Plastic Surgery?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let us know in the comments below if you think Lil Kim’s gone under the knife or not!

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