John Kerry Photos Plastic Surgery Before After

John Kerry Photos Plastic Surgery Before After

John Kerry, a famous politician and the United States Secretary of State since 2013, is 73 years old. His age is totally invisible if you look at him right now, but 10 years old pictures of John tells a different story.

The reason behind this change is the plastic surgery that John went through to look this youthful.

The most noticeable surgery is his nose job. His nose has changed shape in a very drastic way over the past years. When someone gets a nose job, a surgeon goes in and shapes the nose to suit the person.

Mr. Kerry is also accused of adding some filler to smooth out the wrinkles near his nose. In addition, John also shows all the signs of having had Botox shots. Plastic surgery might not be for everyone but they surely worked for John.

Has John Kerry Had Plastic Surgery?

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