Fergie Plastic Surgery Photos? Before and After Pics

Fergie Plastic Surgery Photos? Before and After Pics

This famous singer from The Black Eyed Peas has enjoyed a ton of success thanks to her singing and songwriting talents. While she looks like she is in her twenties, she is actually 41 and her before and after photos explain how.

Fergie’s lip job has made her previous paper thin lips a lot lush and fuller, adding to her sex appeal. While we aren’t sure why the American singer opted for a lip job, we know that she had volume added to her lips.

Her before and after photos also indicate a probable nose job. She used to have a somewhat broader nose and while there is nothing wrong with a nose like that, Fergie has apparently decided to change her nose’s shape to look better on the big screen.

People normally go for a nose job if they aren’t too fond of the shape, size or length of their nose and want to gain a confidence boost by changing this via plastic surgery.

Has Fergie Had Plastic Surgery?

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